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Jessi Jordan is an Intuitive Performance Coach who has facilitated thousands of actors in clearing the blocks that have prevented their career success. She is the co-founder of AJA Creative Energy Consultants and has worked with industry professionals like Amy Jo Berman (Casting Director and former VP of Casting at HBO) to create “Pilot Season Domination” and “Audition Domination”.

Jessi is and has been highly regarded as the catalyst for fast transformation of actors, artists, writers, directors and producers looking to take their artistic careers to the next level. She was invited to speak and share her unique intuitive gifts at a special private event at the TV Academy of Arts and Sciences in Hollywood in May which drew a standing room only crowd.

If that wasn’t enough, Jessi is also a top notch producer who has worked with a variety of artists like Pink, and Beyonce just to name a few and has been featured in The New York Times as an accomplished CEO and Entrepreneur.

Be it acting, producing, business or music Jessi Jordan has what it takes to help you clear whatever is in the way of your success!

Actors who have been coached by Jessi have appeared on…

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